Saturday, August 26, 2006

Accordian Man

Playing around in Photoshop again. I think this will be too small to see his eyes? I could really get into colouring and distorting with this software. I look at videos of cartoonists colouring in on "YouTube" and marvel at their ease with this programme.

The French all seem to have vanished from the village in the last few days. The beach is full of Spaniards from Zaragoza this morning and, hooray, the first touch of autumn in the air today. There is a strong wind and the air is shining like glass.

The Dream Team are planning a barbeque tomorrow. They planned one for the other day but cancelled. They never had their roast beef lunch either as when they went into Reus they found it was closed. Virtually the entire town deserted because it always is in August. Dream on...


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