Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Baby Talk

Oh aaargh. Why is that panel down there?

I give up! I had the bright idea of uploading two panels at a time so it would be easier to read. Did they upload in the right order? No. Print it out and cut it up if you like. See if you can work out what order it's supposed to be in. It's not a Maureen cartoon but soon will be.

The barbeque took place the other day with the dream team. The two most unorganised people I know. Lamb chops and chicken burnt to bits but it wasn't as bad as the moussaka I defrosted last night which I am secretly hoping wasn't emergency dog food. I am married to one of the Dream Team who I will refer to as Patrick. Paco, the other half of Dream Team is on a quest to find a girlfriend. He met someone through the internet the other week. She arranged to meet him on the Nudie Beach for their first date. Even Paco was shocked but he went anyway. Instant failure. She said he was too young.

The beach is full of French people today but the tourists are thinning out a bit. The locals are going swimming and sunbathing now and even call me over to join them which makes me feel surprisingly nice. I am looking forward to starting guitar classes again in October. I'm learning not teaching.


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