Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What do babies dream about?

I've always wondered if baby mobiles and gaily coloured bed covers do not have a comforting effect but may be terrifying? They could easily come to life and there's the baby stuck in a cot surrounded by birds flying out of the sheets. No wonder babies cry so much.

I had the brush opacity set to 23% in this and I find it easier to colour in when the image is at least 1500 pixels wide. I reduced it to 600 pixels to upload. Drawn in pencil, scanned, lines darkened and a second layer created to colour in.

A definate change in the air. Everything is very bright and you can see for miles. Much less people on the beach and the ones that are there are staring at their feet in the water's edge or staring at the mountains in a reflective mood. All the portaloos have blown over and when I was coming home I leaned my bike against a wall by a real estate office and its drainpipe fell off, the wall that is.

And here's a link to Joegalambos playing "Mysterious Habitats" by Dusan Bogdanovic. I ordered this piece of sheet music months ago after seeing this clip. It arrived yesterday. Hooray! No wonder I couldn't work it out. The low E string is tuned to F. But it looks like I may be able to play it in three months. At least, basically...

I got a copy for my guitar teacher too because he gave me lots of free minutes last year.



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