Friday, December 29, 2006


This is something a little different which I created entirely by accident and it took me an hour the next day day to find out how I did it because I had forgotten where the "scraperboard" filter was. I was rummaging around the brushes and pens and there it was in the toolbar in the filter section.

The weather is weird. I start out on my bike with hat, gloves, scarf, jacket etc and by the time I reach the port I discard the scarf. Another ten minutes of pedalling and I am on the track that has the sea on one side and the campsite on the other. I look over to the collection of, frankly enormous, camper vans and see the residents in shorts and T-shirts, sitting in their deckchairs in front of carefully laid picnic tables. The rest of them are emerging blinking into the sunlight and dressed in dressing gowns and slippers. The campsite is like an open air theatre to me with a different act every time I cycle past. They obviously think I am nuts to be wearing so much clothing but honestly it's only ten degrees.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Playing around in Apophosis and I find the shapes that emerge are starting to look like strange animals. So, I add onto them using the Wacom tablet.

I popped into the Chinese shop this morning to get some wrapping paper and I came out with a collection of metallic crickets and tortoises that stick to metal. This will be very useful for a) scaring people (I have stuck one on the door handle here) and b). incorperating into a sculpture. Somehow the little bird in a snow globe got left behind.

Howling winds outside. Here's a link to..don't know what you would call him....a magician, a dancer? He's called Jerome Murat.

Friday, December 15, 2006


I could have sworn I put a black border around this?I am playing again because I am putting off doing a Maureen cartoon. Last guitar class yesterday until January. In fact most of Spain will start closing down in the next few days. 90% of Spaniards have not begun to shop for Christmas yet.
It's cold in here, 14 degrees and if you are not doing anything for the next 7 minutes and 16 seconds here's a link to an animation uploaded to Youtube by jonriley and the music is by Tom Waits.

Monday, December 04, 2006


I should start writing things down. I keep forgetting which brushes I use! The second illustration is superimposed onto a fractal.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Getting in the mood for Christmas

I'm still on the quest to find which brush/crayon/chalk gives me the line I am looking for. I used the chalk tool quite a bit in these two. I really enjoy being quite spontaneous with a Wacom tablet. It lets me draw with a relaxed line and my hands don't turn into lobster claws nearly as much as they used to with an ordinary piece of paper and a pen.

The sea looks like millions of Christmas tree lights blinking. I have been very lax about cycling lately because I was struck down with flu or something. Probably means I have put on five pounds in a week.

Britain is apparently not doing Christmas this year for fear of offending anyone that never does Christmas. Who invents these rules?

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