Friday, February 29, 2008


I sometimes go walking in the mountains with my friend Alice that used to be Frank. The only thing is I am terrified of heights so sometimes I get stuck on the side of a mountain while Alice who used to be Frank sings or dances to try and get me to move again. We were discussing how to overcome this problem when I was hit by a simple soloution. Buy one of those hats that nuns wear. This strikes me as very funny but I understand perfectly if you don't agree.
I'm almost a year without smoking!

This is for the viewer in Chicago because he leaves great comments!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Different Approach

That's better........Give her a name. I can't think of one.

The Fill Tool

Don't you hate it when you use the fill tool and it does this because I never join up my lines? Well, that tells you what kind of day it is here.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Reading a Book

Went to see an exhibition of Henri Cartier Bresson photos today. He was a genius. The Caixas here in Catalonia are a tpe of bank but they also have great shows. There was nobody there which was weird...well, one person, but you'd think there would be more.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I need new music

Here's a link to a video of some of my drawings. It's pretty much the same as a video I uploaded a while ago (which I have just taken down) and I had a great soundtrack to it was a rather well known band..and I well, you know. So, apologies for this music appearing on other things I have uploaded. I shall scout around for some different tracks that last for about two minutes.
I did the above in Artrage.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Here's a painting by William Crawford. A.R.S.A. Done in the year 1855.
Here's a link to how to do rasgueos...He makes it look easy!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Watch this


This is the school moda in Britain right now.
The older girls were wearing denim shorts over thick black tights and those boots that look like dead sheep. They are wearing the same here in Spain but have replaced the dead sheep with deadly sharp cowboy boots. Perfect drawing material.
The sea looked like mercury mixed with apricots this morning.
Patrick told Paco that I used to be a member of S.I.O.D. "What's that?" says Paco.
"Scottish Independance Or Die," says Patrick.
"God, I had no idea. She's a communist?"
"Wow. That's amazing."
"I know."
Of course he had made the whole thing up. It's very easy to tease Paco.
Oh, and here's a link if you need cheering up.

Friday, February 22, 2008

I forgot the link...

This is why I posted have to watch this fellow painting a digital millenium tree on a wacom tablet. Excuse me while I crawl under a stone....

Flight Assistance

I came back via a well known cheapie airline even though I had to go to London to get on a plane. They don't allocate seats and tell you "Just choose your own seat." Then, the passengers go mental when they get onboard and it's like a stampede. I don't really care where I sit on a plane apart from by the loos because it's my theory that if the plane crashes or blows up I'll be dead anyway.
Then, when you're in the plane the flight attendants change their minds and say..."No, not the first seventeen rows!!" Then, when I'm buckled in and happy to take off, a couple with a baby approach me and say" Do you mind awfully moving to that seat so the three of us can sit together. We see you are alone." And, since I am always alone when I go to Britain I get asked this a lot. The remainder of the flight is filled up with the flight attendants who never shut up and people going up and down the aisle with a giant, plastic bag asking for rubbish. I mean how much rubbish can you make in an hour and a half?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Trip to the Beach

This is what the beach is like during winter except for today which was rain, rain, rain and I forgot to go and get my bike from the shop because I had ANOTHER flat tyre yesterday and this time I had to push the bike four kilometers back to the village. And, because I don't own a mobile I eventually found a pay phone and then discovered my purse was still in British money mode but then I found a ten euro note in my camera case so went to a bar in the Port to get change, then went back to the pay phone which didn't work and neither did the next one. So, I went back to the bar and the owner let me use her mobile which meant having to stand near the boats because there was no signal in the bar (who invented these phones?). So, I called Paco the estate agent and left a message for him to ask husband to please pick me up, which he never got the message because Paco never checks his phone messages but only checks his mobile messages. Then, Albert from Holland who plays the guitar jogged past as I was leaning on the Port wall waiting for the "Dream Team" (Paco plus Patrick). "Hola" he says...doof, doof, doof. I waved. And then I pushed the bike back and it took like an hour. Anyway, it's nothing to do with the eggs above which I did in photoshop.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Drawings and stuff

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I still don't want one.

If you believe in Gods out there then I believe they play through Pirai Vaca!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No, I don't want one, thanks.

Ha, ha. I couldn't resist. This horrible baby just begged to come out of the Wacom tablet. I'm off to take Arthur for his walk.
Oh Yuk, this baby is going to crawl around my imagination for hours now. Probably got a name like.....Cardew...and he only drinks hamburger milk. EEwwww!

Other People's Babies.

"Shouldn't he be doing something by now? Daniel said quite clearly " Mother, I would love an encyclopedia for a festive season gift," when he was only eleven months old. At least this baby of yours didn't inherit your hair, ha, ha! Never mind, I'm sure you love him and he's bound to be good at something..."
The last panel is baby throwing up all over the person holding him. I'll post that tomorrow.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sixth Former

No direct trains on the trip to Britain so I landed up waiting at Lancaster station for an hour which was exactly the time that millions of schoolgirls poured into the waiting room. They all pulled out mobile phones and told their mums that their train had been cancelled and they were waiting for a bus to ferry them home. They all wore quilted coats with fur-lined hoods except for the sixth former who obviously wouldn't be seen dead in anything furry unless she was at the disco. The small school girls absolutely adored her and she absolutely adored being adored. What would you call a collection of school girls? A Flock? A Murder? A Blazer? A Legion?
Went to St Pancras station in London to get the train to Luton airport. It's the size of the Starship Enterprise, and for those of you trying to get to Luton airport, take the train to Bedford. You still have to get a bus to the airport when you get to Luton Parkway International and it's like driving through a mammoth building site.
Frankly, I am glad to be home, and have planted a packet of seeds that turn into plants that attract butterflies.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Up but not running yet.

Phew! Trains and Planes! But Árthur is waiting for a walk after my trip away so I have to go but meanwhile here´s a link to a nifty bit of guitar playing. Sometimes I play along to this fellow...I mean me here, him there. He doesn´t even know I exist, ha, ha. Enjoy...

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